Thirty and Faith - Being Content in this Season

It is so hard in society today to not want to keep up with the person next to us. We want to keep up with their clothes, accomplishments, achievements, and milestones. Except we dont want to keep up with their heartaches, hurts, and struggles. We want all the good blessing but none of the hard work or heartache. I will tell you the specific struggle I face is looking at all my friends with their beautiful families and marriages and wondering when that will become my blessing. For several years I let this consume me and eat away at the joy and happiness I was supposed to be having in that season.

I can remember one specific day where I broke down into an ugly cry for almost a whole day. It wasnt pretty but it was real, it was something very real that I had to deal with. I was so consumed with how unfair it was that there were people who I believed didn't deserved to be married or have kids who did, and they were taking them for granted. It was painful to watch and I thought it was so unfair that I was a good person and it wasnt me getting the marriage proposal or kids. And then as if he were standing in my bedroom God said to me, "Fairness ended in the Garden, now get up and do as I've called you!" WOW, thanks God that was harsh, but in that moment, so what I needed!

And He was right... several months later I was given a specific call to start the process of moving across the country. I was being called to pick up and leave everything, friends, family, job, and house - to leave the place I had called home for 32+ years - and move to California. God has used that experience to grow me into the woman he has needed to fulfill a specific mission here! But we need to be partners with God in creating those experiences and that means being CONTENT in the season he has placed us in for now. If I had dragged my feet in his calling, I would have missed all the doors he opened along the way. Its almost like a divine street of green lights - if i would have sped up or slowed down at the wrong moment I would have missed all of Gods green lights and would have had to wait for the next opportunity.

We are all called to endure different seasons in our lives for different reasons. Things will not happen on our timetable, they happen on Gods timeline. Believe it our not God has great plans that are so specific that only you can fulfill! How awesome and scary is that! That God has so woven me into his plans that there are things only I can accomplish in His kingdom! But dear woman if we are constantly worried about when, where, and how the next season will arrive and what it will bring, we miss the mission and purpose of this season.  When we are all in with God he allows us to be tested and tried so that we will be strengthened in him. I can tell you that some of the hardest seasons of my life have prepared me for the next season, either of blessing or trail.

Philippians 4:13 says "I can do all things through Him who gives me strength." and yes that versus is SO TRUE, but read the versus leading up to it "... for I have learned to be to CONTENT whatever the circumstances and that no matter what I have or do not have, hungry or fed, living in plenty or want, the secret of being CONTENT, is that I can do all things through HIM" (Philippians 4:11-13, paraphrased). YES, I can do all things but only when I am CONTENT in the season God has put me in for his purpose! He will provide all I need for that season in preparation for the next, all I have to do is be obedient and trust him.

Pause & Journal:  What season has God placed you in that you are either trying to move out of or into? Read Psalm 40:1 "I waited patiently for the Lord; he turned to me and heard my cry" Do you feel God has heard your cries, why or why not? What are some things you are struggling with in this season? Do you take these struggles to God through prayer and petition?

Prayer: Father, I thank you for the season that you have me in now. I thank you that you have a plan so enormous that as creation but yet so detailed that you have a specific plan for me. Thank you Father for knowing me and having a part for me. Lord, I pray that you would help me to be content in this season you have me in and that you would use this season to prepare me for the next. I pray that you would strengthen me when I want to give up and encourage me on days when I succeed. Help to do what you have planned for me to bring glory to your name, Lord! Amen