Detoxify and Drink More Water

detox water

I had no idea that “fancy water,” or what more civilized people might call “spa water” was actually good for you. I honestly just thought that it tastes amazing and refreshing.

It has been crazy hot over the past few weeks in Southern California and I am very active outdoors. I started to notice my body cramping up more than usual and knew I needed to drink more water. But drinking water can be pretty boring and my best attempts kept failing.

You Aren’t Sick, You Are Thirsty

I brought up my dilemma with a friend, and she told me that my dehydration was a more serious than I thought.  She recommended I read this book on Amazon, You’re Not Sick, You’re Thirsty! Guys, this really opened up my eyes to the benefits of staying hydrated. Now that I’ve been drinking more everyday, I even shed a few el bees too!

Let’s get chopping.

I keep things exciting at meal time by drinking fruit infused waters. I just add the mix to a pitcher and keep it in the fridge all day (refilling with water when it gets low). Each infusion lasts me about a day. I usually just cut enough for the week, and place the ingredients together and store what I don’t use in individual bags in the freezer. Then when I am ready for a new one they serve as antioxidants and ice cubes haha.

Detox Water Recipes:

The following are my favorite fruit pairings and their benefits:
kiwi strawberry mint

Kiwi is packed with vitamin C and gives you energy. Strawberries help unload toxins and are a natural diuretic.



Watermelon helps the body flush out toxins. It contains citrulline which helps the liver and kidneys filter out ammonia. Some of the most interesting and unique health benefits of rosemary include its ability to boost memory, improve mood, reduce inflammation, relieve pain, protect the immune system, stimulate circulation, detoxify the body, and protect the body from bacterial infections.


cucumber lemon lime

This is the mother load when it comes to wait loss. The lemon flushes out toxins and has high vitamin c content. Cucumber is great for rehydration which means less water storage and bloating. The first fruit that comes to mind in terms of medicinal uses is the reliable lime, and the health benefits  include weight loss, skin care, improved digestion, relief from constipation, eye care, and treatment of scurvy, piles, peptic ulcer, respiratory disorders, gout, gums, urinary disorders, etc.


blueberry sage

Blueberries are great at helping to prevent infections. They act as an antibiotic and block bacteria to the urinary tract. Sage is an excellent source of fiber, vitamin A, folate, calcium, iron, magnesium, manganese, and B vitamins. This is my favorite pairing at dinner time with sparkling water.

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Music Monday: National Romance Awareness Month


Did you know that August was National Romance Awareness Month?! Don’t worry, neither did I. Not knowing has nothing to do with my current romantic situation (or lack of), but this Music Monday I’m sharing my ultimate romantic song playlist! That’s right, my top 30 favorite songs that make my heart go thump thump!

Being that I’m a millennial baby, I should warn you that the majority of the songs might be from the 90s to early Y2k… and yes, All For One made the list more than once because there is nothing more romantic than junior high angst.

30 Flirty Thriving Romantic Songs for August National Romance Awareness Month

    1. “A thousand years,” Christina Perri“
    2. Grow Old With You,” Adam Sandler
    3. “When I Fall in Love,” Nat King Cole
    4. “If I Ever Fall in Love,” Shai
    5. “Thinking Out Loud,” Ed Sheeran
    6. “If I Ain’t Got You,”
    7. “All of Me,”
    8. “I Swear,” All For One
    9. “This I Promise You,” *NSYNC
    10. “When A Man Loves A Woman,” Percy Sledge
    11. “It’s Your Love,”
    12. “I Will Always Love You,” Whitney Houston
    13. “Can’t Help Falling in Love,” Elvis Presley
    14. “Hold You In My Arms,” Ray LaMontagne
    15. “Make You Feel My Love,” Adele
    16. “I’ll Make Love to You,” Boys II Men
    17. “Endless Love,” Diana Ross
    18. “Unchained Melody,” The Righteous Brothers (Ghost Soundtrack)
    19. “When you say nothing at all,” Allison Krauss
    20. “My Heart Will Go On,” Celine Dion
    21. “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing,” Aerosmith
    22. “Faithfully,” Journey
    23. “Breathe,” Faith Hill
    24. “Amazed,” Lonestar
    25. “Forever,” Ben Harper
    26. “Truly Madly Deeply,” Savage Garden
    27. “First Day of My Life,” Bright Eyes
    28. “I Can Love You Like That,” All For One
    29. “Iris,” The Goo Goo Dolls
    30. “It’s All Coming Back to Me Now,” and/or “The Power of Love,” Celine Dion

It was actually very difficult to narrow this list down to 30. The Elephant Love Song melody from Moulin Rouge didn’t make the cut and I absolutely adore it.  But all in all, I think we have a pretty strong list. Do you agree? What songs would you add or take away?

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Back to BlogHer16: Finding my motivation


So you may have noticed the drastic activity recently here at 30-Flirty-Thriving! After I made the New Year’s resolution to start blogging more, I kind of lost steam and direction. I did my best but my creative juices just weren’t flowing. Well,  attending BlogHer16 was just what I needed to get motivated again.

BlogHer16 was a three day conference for women who create content through blogging and social media. There were over  3,000 creators, influencers, entrepreneurs, marketers, luminaries, activists, fans, and brands there. The awesome part was I didn’t have to travel far to get there because it was in downtown LA.


Keynote Speakers

This year’s inspiring main stage speakers include Sarah Michelle Gellar, Mayim Bialik, Sheryl Crow and Aisha Tyler. My least favorite keynote speaker was Kim Kardashian, because she made getting lunch and finding a seat impossible. Plus she had nothing to teach. Sure she is a major influencer, but it isn’t something that can be duplicated.

I actually ended up leaving five minutes into her session. The commentator asked her what she wanted to be when she was little. Her reply was that she watched “The Real World” on MTV when she was young and really wanted to be like the people she saw on the show. Ok, so I watched the show too and in it’s first few seasons it was really good. However, at no point did I want to be one of them or participate too. I think Kim Kardashian needs to join the “real world” not pretend to be in it.


FPJ saves the day

But luckily my 90’s crush, Freddie Prinze Jr. saved the day. I was first in line to meet him and hear about his new cookbook since I didn’t stay for the rest of Kim’s panel. Freddie autographed the book for me and he said that his favorite cousin’s name was Athena… that makes me his favorite by default then too right?!


Overall I experienced opportunities to learn new skills, interact with top brands, and meet other bloggers living in the LA area. You all should go check out The LA Girl’s blog right now if you haven’t visited it already (ok, maybe wait till you are done reading my post though).

So now that I am back from BlogHer16 you can expect to see more activity here on the blog. I really enjoy sharing my life with you and I have some great ideas. It may shift a bit and you will prob start hearing more about my dating escapades in addition to lifestyle and beauty hacks. Thanks for sticking around and taking this journey with me.

If you haven’t already, then please follow us on social media. The links are at the top of this page.

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Pinterest Round Up: National S’mores Day

Every day should be National S’mores Day! (As if we really needed a day to celebrate this amazing American concoction…) Did you know that the first official recipe was published in the Girl Scout Handbook in 1927? Over the years, the recipe was passed from camper to camper and it is now the most famous fireside dessert.


Many people love the chocolate, graham cracker and marshmallow mashup but hate the mess, thus a Pinterest Round Up was necessary for the best s’mores inspired recipes. I personally like to drink my calories so I recommend the cocktails.

No campfire or fire pit? No problem! These are our top four favorite s’more recipes:

Click on the picture to see the original inspired recipes
Pretzel S'mores from Teacher Chef
Pretzel S’mores from Teacher Chef


Banaoffee S'mores Pizza by Center Cut Cook
Banaoffee S’mores Pizza by Center Cut Cook
S'more Martini by lmnopeas at
S’more Martini by lmnopeas at


Five Minute Pudding by Krissy at Self Proclaimed Foodie
Five Minute Pudding by Krissy at Self Proclaimed Foodie


P.S. Ever wondered why it is called a s’more? Because you’ll always want “some more” of this decadent sweet! For more of our favorite’s visit

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Happy Birthday Dr Seuss!

My first book that I learned to read was a Dr. Seuss book. I remember I put two and two together and realized that the words matched the pictures so I memorized that red dog and blue dog were what it must say. It wasn’t until I guessed the pictures wrong that my mom realized I wasn’t reading but guessing based off the pictures, lol. But today Read Across America encouraged everyone to get out and read in honor of Dr. Seuss. Hopefully you can read to a loved one or take a few moments and remember [all] “The Places You Will Go.”

happy birthday dr seuss


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Music Monday: Didn’t know my own strength

didn't know

Every year I pick a theme song that will remind me to persevere or pick me up if I’m ever feeling down. Sometimes it’s fast and makes me dance or smile, and other times it’s an amazing ballad that touches the soul.

I’m a few weeks into 2016 and confused about where I’m going professionally and found myself in way left field when it comes to dating. When I hugged my pillow last night and went to close my eyes, Whitney Houston’ I Didn’t Know My Own Strength came into my head.

In the song, she talks about times being tough and looking back how she pulled through. She lost sight of her dreams and she thought she might break… but she didn’t know her own strength.

When I do the same thing then I’m encouraged to see my own strength shining through. So much has happened to me in the past three years and I’m on the right path in 2016 because even the foul balls could very well be part of hitting the home run.

BTW, last year’s theme song just so happened to be from the same artist (she is my all time favorite so prob not a coincidence). Feel free to use the song throughout the year to remind yourself that you got this!

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Tough Tuesdays: Weight Loss Transformation

I’m actually really embarrassed of my #transformationtuesday weight loss story. Don’t get me wrong, I am proud of the fact that I decided to do some action and shed the pounds, but I’m not pleased with myself for gaining them in the first place. But that’s life isn’t it? Things happen and situations can spiral out of control.

I gained the pounds because my days were going to work and watching TV. I sat in a chair for most the day and would over indulge on all my favorite things. Instead of eating a few double stuffed oreos, I would eat the whole row throughout the course of the day. And let’s not even get started on the fact that I still drank like a sailor, as if I was still in the Coast Guard!1622390_657815800948750_909698301_o

On my 31st birthday I took a look at myself in the mirror and just cried. None of my clothes in my closet fit me and I didn’t like the way the girl who was staring back at me looked. No shade for the curvy girls who are rockin the l-b’s with pride! I’m just saying, the look wasn’t for me!

So the very next day (no need to start a diet on your birthday, right?!) I did something about it! A little over six months later I was down 53 pounds! I get a lot of questions on how I did it so here are a few tips:


One good meal/snack wont make you skinny, just like one bad meal/snack wont make you fat.

Everyone always thinks they have to quit everything cold turkey. That mentality will make you quit your diet before you even begin. In the beginning focus on your portion control. You don’t need to supersize anything ever again… in fact, order the kids meal. Soon you will find that you don’t even crave that stuff any more because you’ve added in healthier options. You will discover the joys of sweet potato fries and spaghetti squash and be on your merry little way towards healthy eating.

Weights are your friends.

The minute I picked up some free weights I could hear the fat shriek in terror. Ok, maybe not, but it sure did run off my body a lot faster. There is a difference between the weight machines and the free weights that the fellas always hog. They work better because you have to isolate your movement and muscles more. The next time you are at the gym tell the boys to move over and grab some weights. The 10-20lb weights are usually free anyways. Google some good arm, shoulder, back, booty, and leg workouts. Hey, there is even an app for that. My favorite is from because there are also videos on how to do each exercise.

Meal prep is key

Creating meals the week before and having them ready to go was probably the biggest factor to my weight loss success. It kept me honest on my diet and I was hardly ever tempted to eat something bad or go to the drive through. Plus, don’t think that eating healthy is expensive… I saved so much money by going to the grocery store and making meals, instead of ordering out.

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2016 New Year’s Resolutions

Making New Year’s resolutions is def my thing. I like reflecting on the year and giving myself a high five for the things that went well, and then making plans for the areas I want to improve on. I have a lot of resolutions for 2016… one of them involves stretching. This time next year I want to be able to do the splits and right now I can’t even touch my toes. But for the more important resolutions I decided to make a video…

Do you have any resolutions? What areas are you going to improve on in 2016?

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